Handful of Henna

Many of us who have attended an Indian wedding, would have seen the bride’s hands beautifully decorated with reddish-hued, intricate designs. But did you know that these detailed handiworks, hide a secret amongst their lines and curves? It has long been a tradition for the husband’s name to be hidden amidst the wedding Mehendi and for the couple to play a game that gets him searching for it. While this tradition was mainly upheld in North India, it has slowly trickled down to the south as well. Mehendi uses a paste made from the leaves of the Henna plant. This botanical paste was mostly used for medicinal reasons such as treating dandruff, headaches and soothing skin problems at first. The art form known as Mehendi on the other hand, was conceived later and made famous in India when the Mughal Empire reigned supreme. Henna art was considered a ceremonial art form that was mainly applied on the hands and feet of brides. However, it is no longer limited to wedding ceremonies and can now be seen at almost any bazaar or trade fairs and is available all year round at Indian beauty salons . Henna has also gained a loyal, international fan following thanks to its organic origins and is increasingly being used as an alternative to tattooing. Just ensure that you are using pure, organic Henna instead of those with synthetic dyes and metallic salts!

A comprehensive article in the Hindustan Times- a leading newspaper in India, details the history of Henna art, its spread across India and the world, as well as how it is growing as an industry that is providing jobs for women. So, we decided to feature it here on our blog for your reading pleasure!


Image: Collage of Henna works created by students under the supervision of Brainworks Education trainers.


Doshi, R. (2015, 02 01). Wedded to tradition: Many hues of Henna. Retrieved 03 06, 2015, from hindustantimes: http://www.hindustantimes.com/fashion/wedded-to-tradition-many-hues-of-henna/article1-1312552.aspx

Did this article inspire you to try your hand at Henna?

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