KOLAM: The detailed design on the deck

Many of us would have watched countless Indian films that begin auspiciously with a woman (usually a maiden or a housewife) stepping out of the house at sunrise with a box of rice flour and a bucket of water. The women would wash the corridors then calmly place their tools on the floor, kneel and go on to create masterpieces called Kolams or Rangolis, which would leave you mesmerised by their intricacy and baffled by the sheer skill that is required to conceive these eleborate designs. Kolams are not simply beautiful designs that adorn the corridors of Indian homes, they have long been heralded as a great form of physical and mental exercise for the person who creates these motifs. An excellent article in “The Hindu”- a leading Indian newspaper talks about the numerous benefits of Kolam drawing and how it is intricately linked to music as well! So, we decided to feature it here on our blog for your reading pleasure.


Image: Collage of Kolams produced by our very own students with Brainworks Education's guided training.


Lalithasai. (2011, 04 03). Sa,Ri,Ga....goes the pattern in the floor. Retrieved 12 18, 2014, from THE HINDU: http://www.thehindu.com/todays-paper/tp-features/tp-downtown/sa-ri-ga-goes-the-pattern-on-the-floor/article1595593.ece

Did this article inspire you to try your hand at Kolam?

Then, contact us to find out more about our Kolam workshops and programmes!

Brainworks Education can be reached at hello@brainworks.sg

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