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Kalachara programmes are aimed at introducing, exploring and promoting the knowledge and practices of the living traditions of Tamil Language and Indian Culture. Our service catalogue covers all forms of folk and traditional arts that form the basis of Indian Culture; spanning from the performing arts, crafts and games to programmes that explore traditional Indian cuisine, medicine and healing. 

The Indian culture is also inextricably linked to the languages spoken in the country. Several folk arts (drama, crafts and even games) are informed by or have their origins linked to Indian literature. Hence, our catalogue also covers aspects of language and literature. Our language programmes primarily focus on developing literacy of the Tamil Language.


We cater to students of all ages with programmes covering language learning in primary, secondary and junior college levels, to programmes that explore specific literary texts.


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School Bookings

Download and view the complete range of Tamil language and Indian cultural programmes offered to schools and large groups.



ALL our programs are open to personalisation, unless otherwise stated. Hence, prices of programmes vary according to factors such as number of participants, duration, number of sessions and nature of activities.





Hand-outs will be provided for all programmes.


Certificates of Participation will be provided upon request.

(Additional charges apply.)

Absentees of booked programmes will still be charged accordingly upon submission of the final student number by the teacher-in-charge prior to the event.