MathWorks programmes offer Vedic Math courses and workshops that not only help students improve their grades, but also helps them with better understanding and knowledge of Mathematics providing them the opportunity to learn new mathematical content and techniques, application of an area of mathematics in different contexts such as art or astronomy, and the study of mathematics as a cultural, social or historical phenomenon.

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1-on-1 Sessions - Personalised learning at its best

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Group Sessions - Working together is success


Needless to say, with 'one to one' tuition, a student gets the advantage of obtaining 100% of the tutor's undivided attention. However, this does not imply that in group tuition, a pupil gets neglected.


Brainworks Education’s Group Coaching facilitates an environment of studying and learning among a small group of classmates, who are able to develop a sense of companionship in which they motivate and inspire each other to work harder and perform their utmost.


Group Coaching sessions offer:


  • Small class size

  • Student-centered teaching methodology

  • Encourages group discussion and debate

  • Peer-tutoring