One to one tuition offers the opportunity to focus on individual needs and requirements at any of our venues. This way, students can benefit from the undivided attention of our trained and experienced tutors who are driven who can establish personalised programmes to meet students’ needs, whether working with a specific imbalance or reinforcement and assessment of students’ learning. It is suitable for all age groups with varying capabilities.

1-on-1 Tuition - Personalised learning at its best
Group Tuition - Working together is success


Needless to say, with 'one to one' tuition, a student gets the advantage of obtaining 100% of the tutor's undivided attention. However, this does not imply that in group tuition, a pupil gets neglected.


Brainworks Education’s Group Coaching facilitates an environment of studying and learning among a small group of classmates, who are able to develop a sense of companionship in which they motivate and inspire each other to work harder and perform their utmost.


Group Coaching sessions offer:


  • Small class size

  • Student-centered teaching methodology

  • Encourages group discussion and debate

  • Peer-tutoring


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Our tuition services are integrated with a unique monitoring system whereby after students are matched with our tutors, we monitor every student’s progress on a monthly basis. All our tutors are required to submit a report on each of their students to Brainworks Education Management. This report will be verified and sent to respective parents, so that they will be aware of their children’s progress as well.


All our tuition lessons offer:

  • Quiz sessions after every lesson to reinforce lesson

  • Exam preparation courses

  • Provision of learning materials