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Award Winner

Proven Success: 100% grade improvement

Our coaches not only help students with subject-specific coaching but also skills and strategies that allows students to be effective across all subjects and helping them become confident and independent learners.​​

A Different Approach to Learning

Using the latest insights into how the brain works, we adopt the Neuro Change Method, Systems of Intellect and Positive Education approach to create powerful, positive and transformational changes for students.

Customized ​Learning Plans

Our dedicated and committed coaches are driven to establish personalized sessions, shaping teaching around the way different students learn, taking the care to nurture the unique talents of every individual.

Reliable & Expert Guidance

All our coaches are trained and experienced instructors who provide high quality coaching that is responsive to the different ways students achieve their best.


Brain-based Learning

  • Based on a brain-based approach to education using: 

    • Neuro Change Method

    • Structure of Intellect (SOI)

    • Positive Psychology

  • Emphasizes on self-directed learning

  • Focuses on solutions 

  • Uses positive reinforcements

  • Improves information processing, memory retention, and attention span

  • Produces lasting change


Academic Coaching
For Students

Personalised learning at its best.

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Career Coaching
For Students

Tailored guidance for goal-setting and career clarity.

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Instructional Coaching
For Educators & Parents

Sharing best practices for fostering positive  child development.

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Enrichment Courses
For All

Education through recreation.

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Teacher Hema is a very understanding and empathetic teacher. She always caters to the needs of every student differently and spares no detail in ensuring the student understands the subject at hand. I found out that even though academics were not suited to me, Teacher Hema constantly pushed me to follow my passion and to have an open mind and be ready to learn.


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